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In the film class taught by Mrs. Fox, I learned how to do stop motion animation. We used clay to make a book come to life. I enjoyed this class so much! Mrs. Fox was always ready to teach and you could tell she loved it. That class has helped me so much in my high school film classes. 

Mrs. Fox is an innovative educator who's passion for her students has led to many great opportunites to expand the way students learn. Weekend shut in film projects, and film festivals are just two examples of opportunities given to students that created a fun and nontraditional learning environment. My daughter enjoyed the classes so much communication is now her choice for high school emphasis.

Film is important to me because it is a way to get emotions and messages across in a form of art. Mrs. Fox's class made me feel excited because each video you made you learned something new. 

- Mckenzie, Former Student, 2014

-Brent Lowry, Parent of 7th Grade Student, Savannah, Georgia

Natalie, Former Student 2013-16