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STEAMPunk Pirates After School


We Hire Qualified Instructors


We Provide Online Registration

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We Provide Quality Curriculum 


Want to raise money while adding enrichment opportunities to for you kids?
How to fundraise for your PTA with STEAMPunks!
  • Contact us with your school information, and start dates.

  • We will respond to you with our current class offerings and calendar/availability.

  • We can host classes completely virtual via zoom or in person.

  • If in person, be sure your school can provide a room (preferably a computer lab, library, or gym) for a class to take place and can help market classes to students via announcements, social media, and digital flyers provided by us. Parents can register students via check or through online registering.

  • A parent or teacher from the school will need to be the program's sponsor or point of contact. 

  • The PTA makes money based on a percentage of net sales.

  • At the end of each class we cut a check to your PTA! 

What We Offer:

  • Our STEAM programs use the arts and humanities to interest students in STEAM topics in a fun. and engaging way.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic Design, and Mathematics and is a pedagogical approach to preparing students to be creative critical thinkers, collaborators, and communicators. 

  • We offer various sessions in our program designed for grades K-8 (9-12 coming soon)! Skills learned early on are vertically aligned to increase competency levels in various topics such as video game design, film, animation, 3D design and printing, virtual and augmented reality creation, and engineering. Our sessions also align with ISTE standards. 

  • Most sessions meet once a week and are 5-6 weeks long and last 60 mins to 2 hours. Students showcase their work at the end of the session. 

  • Each school receives its own STEAMPunks Gallery Page with student work!

  • We can offer more than one class a week based on your fundraising needs. 

  • The Virtual and in person After School STEAM Program doesn’t cost your school anything.

Other Fundraising Opportunities

We also offer other events and opportunities for your PTA to raise funds for the school that are unique to the area. Contact us for more information. 

Click the button below to explore various sessions offered, or contact us today!

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Having worked in education my entire career, I find it refreshing to find true educators that inspire. It's a gift and we're so glad [our daughter] got to have you as a teacher for 2 ¾ years.

--Kristin Ruth Kasting Karam, Parent of an 8th Grader

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