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Professional Learning

As a practicing educator and traveling presenter,  I noticed a deficit in professional development offered. The best experiences often did not come from full time consultants and trainers, but from actual teachers that offered implementation advice, trial and error troubleshooting, and practical examples. Over and over again, I have heard from colleagues that the best professional learning has come from fellow educators. Presenting and attending anywhere from 15 to 20 conferences over the last three years confirmed my realization that professional learning should be less theoretically based with trainers saying "you could do this..." and should be replaced with "I have had success doing this." In Professional Learning, theory needs to be balanced with tactical examples, and should be job-embedded. With STEAMPunksEdu we also address that professional learning should be paid. Too often teachers are required to learn new technologies on their own, often implementing with fingers crossed and through trial error. Giving teachers the opportunity to learn and explore new technologies on the peripheral of the classroom, lets the have the foresight to integrate what works, while getting paid. It's a win for the school, a win for the teacher, and a win for the student. 

STEAM After-school Programs and Summer Camps

I'm Amanda Fox and teaching is my life's calling. I just LOVE working with kids. Initially, when I started STEAMPunksEdu it was under the umbrella of FoxBrite, LLC  and the company's focus was on professional development. I quickly realized three things: 1) I missed working with kids tremendously, and 2) There was a lack of quality STEAM After School Programs and Summer Camps. 3) Most after school programs did not pay instructors well, or hire qualified staff. The FoxBrite STEAMPunks Program, now just STEAMPunksEdu was my answer to not only providing quality curriculum and engaging content to students, but also self-fulfillment. Additionally, we hire teachers in the schools and districts our program serves and pay them well. Our program is geared toward STEAM/STEM activities for the brain, but recently added fitness classes to our program to address academic and physical fitness: both Brains and Brawn! 



STEAMPunksEdu includes other team members who share the same passion, vision, and edupreneurial tendencies as myself. Each member of our team is versed in cutting edge technology and pedagogical strategies, which is what I believe makes our professional learning and leadership current, meaningful, and authentic. Our STEAMPunk instructors are  passionate about the topics they teach in schools! Our contagious mission to reform education, and make a positive impact on the profession is spreading through the world one school at a time! 

***Apple teachers are recognized for their understanding of how to use Apple products for teaching and learning. They have proven knowledge of using iPad, Mac, and built-in apps to enhance productivity and inspire creativity in their classrooms and beyond. Apple honors their achievement and commitment to creating the very best learning experiences for students. 


Amanda Fox is the Creative Director of MetaInk Publishing LLC, which publishes print and online educational materials such as books, and virtual classes for the K-12 classroom. She is the author of  Markertown, Teachingland: A Teacher's Survival Guide to the Classroom Apocalypse and Zom-Be A Design Thinker. Recipient of the 2016 ISTE Emerging Leader Award, a major contributor to the STEM Excellence award, and recognized as a PBS Digital innovator for her initiatives in enhancing student learning with technology, Fox has also served as President of the Young Educator Network for ISTE, and received the President's Volunteer Award. She has an affinity for coffee mugs, nerdy t-shirts, and can always be found in heels.   She is completing her leadership certificate through Harvard's CAEL program in order to become a more effective leader. Check out The Virtual Reality Podcast to learn more or connect with Amanda on Twitter @AmandaFoxSTEM"

Tom Wolken develops and teaches STEAM camps. He’s introduced hundreds of students to robotics, stop-motion animation, computer programming, forensics, virtual and augmented reality. His clients include public and private schools and universities. The George Lucas Foundation, Edutopia, documented his innovative use of technology in the classroom. His focus is fostering curious and creative minds.

Michael Fricano received his Liberal Arts Degree from Leeward Community College in Hawaii and my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Hawaii in 2007. He is a co-founder and committee member for Edcamp Honolulu and EdCamp West Oahu.

Michael hosts his own professional learning blog called EdTechnocation where he shares his own EdTech tips, tricks, resources, reviews, and opinions. He is also a Virtual and Augmented Reality for Education enthusiast and teaches students in grades 2 - 12 how to use and create their own AR and VR creations since 2016. 

William Lee is an entrepreneur, former professor, and innovative educator. Lee has majored in Physics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, taught several high technologies such as video compression, semiconductor, signal processing and mobile communication at colleges and universities. Lee has presented on STEAM education at many Edtech Conferences around the world. His current project involves Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Edtech based on use of multimedia.

Connect with William on Twitter @williamleefirst

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