CSI STEAMPunks: Forensics (Jan 30)

January 30, 2020

$125.00 K-5th Grade: 

Who walked on the carpet with muddy shoes? Which pet uprooted the petunias? Who took a bite of your doughnut? Develop the forensics science skills to answer these questions and many more!Learn these investigation skills through all hands-on experiments: fingerprinting, hair/fur analysis, bite mark identification, blood(less) spatter and biometrics. In this five week class prepare to get messy, so bring an oversize shirt that you don't mind getting dirty.


Students will:

    • Participate in hands-on investigations.

    • Learn more about forensic science.

    • Conduct analysis of data gathered through labs..

    • Have fun while getting dirty!

Operation Literacy: Creating Augmented Reality Books $125.00 (March)

March 05, 2020

In our five week class at Stopher, your child will create an Augmented Reality experience of a kids' book of their choice to help solve local literacy issues to help other kids in the local community.


Students will:

    • Learn about the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

    • Use the design thinking process to solve literacy issues in the local community

    • Design surveys to find out what pre and struggling readers in the community want to read.

    • Create an augmented reality experience of a kid's book.

    • Share books with AR enhanced content with local networks.


We are partnering with local libraries, a network of schools, and community centers to share student work. Book donations are welcomed!

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