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STEAMPunksEdu is an after school and summer camp program that STEAM Powers Education with our cutting edge curriculum while generating funds that go back into the school. We offer program support from introduction to implementation. STEAMPunks has various models of integration and can customize the program for your unique situation.



Our mission is to provide affordable, applicable, and cutting edge curricular and professional development opportunities for students, teachers, districts, and universities in order to change education for the better. 


STEAMPunksEdu offers various after-school programs in the areas of STEAM, Arts, and most recently our Brains and Brawn classes that focus on fitness and fun. 

Curriculum Catalogue:

  • Intro to Film

  • Design Thinking

  • Virtual Reality 

  • Stop Motion Animation

  • Augmented Reality

  • Painting

  • Sports

  • Video Game Design

  • Robotics and Coding

  • Documentary Workshops

  • Sweded Cinema

  • App Design

  • 3D Design & Printing 

Professional Learning
  • Design Thinking

  • STEM Program Consultation

  • Flipped Classroom Workshops

  • Virtual and Augmented realities

  • Google Apps for Education

  • Apple Workshops

  • Design Thinking

  • ​iPad integration

  • ​Videography Bootcamp

  • Augmented Reality

  • ​Gamification

  • Social Media Management