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Whether you are looking for Professional Learning, Keynote Speakers, Instructional Design Services, or Consultations on designing a STEAM or Maker program, our team is equipped to provide you with personalized services to meet your needs. Check out a description of some of the services we offer.  

STEM Program Consultation


Our STEAMPunk team is comprised of award winning teachers, one a  previous teacher at the first fully STEM certified middle school in the state of Georgia, The STEM Academy, which was recently the recipient of the FETC STEM Excellence Award and acknowledged as the #1 STEM Middle Grades Program in the nation. Our team has experience designing certification worthy curriculum frameworks, and learning environments that foster STEM readiness. Let STEAMPunksEdu share our experiences of the certification process, and help you design a plan to create a sustainable STEM program within your school. Areas of focus: STEM Curriculum, Technology Integration, Design Thinking, Problem Based Learning, Learning Spaces, Community Outreach, Collaboration among Colleagues.

STEM Curriculum Development


If you are a classroom teacher, or school leader interested in utilizing a transdisciplinary approach to transform teaching in your classroom, or building, this option can help support your goal. We offer initial consultations at leadership level,  faculty workshops, and personalized, collaborative STEM curriculum deisgn at grade level. Our team will personalize your STEM approach based on several variable, including technology access and preference. 

​Videography Bootcamp


Videography is becoming an increasingly important component of education with the rise of mobile learning, flipped instruction, and a focus on ISTE standards. You can schedule a one or two day videography bootcamp that will leave educators ready to create and embed their own videos within their curriculum. Instructional strategies regarding transparency, remediation, and enrichment will also be covered leaving educators ready to provide rationale, and support for TKES porfolios supplementation.

Video Game Design Workshop
Description coming!  


Our Team is available to deliver keynotes on wide array of topics. Contact us for more information. Past keynotes have included STEM program development, leadership, and technology integration. 

​Videography Services


Need marketing help? Have a member of our team help you conceptualize and produce a video to serve a wide range of purposes. Whether you are looking to simply get the word out, or need a webmercial for your company, or school, we are trained to efficiently and creatively convey your message. 

​Google Apps for Education


Work in a google apps for education district, and want to learn how to get the most out of google classroom, slides, forms, etc? This workshop is for you! Based on a diagnostic survey we will personalize this session to give you the google knowledge you need to effectively integrate GAFE in your tool belt. Never again will you find yourself  googling how to use GAFE!

Apple Workshop

This workshop will cover apple products and apps to help you  leverage learning in your school. In our iBasic workshop we will cover a general overview of apple tools and application strategies. We also offer an iCustomize workshop that allows you and your faculty to customize the tools and context of application. Tools: iBooks, iTunesU, iWork, iLife, and Apps for PBL. 

Flipped Classroom Workshop
Description coming!  
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