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STEAMPunks Summer Camp: 5 Reasons to Sign Up!

Register for a STEAMPunks Summer Camp here!

Summer vacation: a time for trips to the pool, baseball games, BBQ and for kids, a few glorious weeks off school. Still, even when the weather is warm and the school schedule slows, learning can (and should!) still occur! In these situations, parents often turn to summer camps and other extra-curricular activities to keep brains engaged and hands occupied. STEAMPunks Summer camps offer a unique and memorable opportunity for kids to learn STEM skills, make friends and create amazing projects they can look back on forever. Here’s 5 reasons to sign up for a STEAMPunks Summer Camp right now!

Powered by STEAM

STEAMPunks summer camp is predicated on the idea that STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) subjects are both fun and applicable to the real world. With a job market that’s rapidly expanding to require more of these skills and the continual promise of solving world problems through technology, getting kids interested in STEAM subjects early is crucial. With classes ranging from Video Game Design, Coding and Robotics, Circuitry, Stop Motion Animation, 3D Printing and much more, there’s surely a subject that will pique your child’s interest, and potentially kickstart a lifelong passion or a new hobby!

Project-Based Learning

We like structure, but we also recognize that for optimal learning, campers need the opportunity to explore their subject in a hands-on environment and at their own speed. All of our projects are scaffolded, meaning our curriculum is guided and our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to lead, but they allow for some variation camper to camper. Campers are given projects, and helpful lessons and maps on how to carry out the project, but in many cases, what they make is entirely up to them. Best of all, while they’ll learn indelible STEM skills at camp, all STEAMPunks classes account for a physical project which means every camper will have something tangible to take home and remind them of their awesome camp experience.

Easy Signups/Multiple Locations

STEAMPunks Summer Camps are offered at a variety of school locations throughout the greater Louisville area. Sign up your child and check locations for camp here. All camps are day camps that run Monday through Friday in the subject/class of your choosing, with a lunch provided. Are you a school who’d like to host a STEAMPunks Summer Camp? We’ve still got openings available for July and would love to hear from you. All schools who host a STEAMPunks summer camp become eligible for technology grants and future opportunities to work with STEAMPunks during the school year as well! More information on hosting a STEAMPunks summer camp here.

Expert Staff

Our staff is comprised of year round teachers and tech fanatics. This means they’re not just camp instructors during the summer, but have experience teaching STEM subjects in a variety of scholastic environments all year round, uniquely qualifying them to provide a positive educational camp experience for your child. With a 10:1 ratio of campers to instructors, you can rest assured your child will get plenty of one on one attention, as well as the opportunity to work in groups for collaborative efforts.

Fun and Cutting Edge Technology

Technology is hardly a stranger in our lives these days, and it’s more than just computers and smartphones, with new devices vying for our attention constantly. We’re constantly building our arsenal of teachable tech to include the newest, industry-standard technology like WonderWorkshop Robots, 3D printing Equipment and Pocket CHIP, the programmable micro chip! Best of all, it’s tech that’s been proven in educational merit, as well as in popularity with kids. Since we’re constantly adopting new technology into our ranks, our lessons and curriculum stay fresh and appealing to young minds always.

So now you know....what will your child make at STEAMPunks Summer Camp?


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