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STEAMPunks Parents Night Out: 5 Reasons to Sign Up

TGIF. Remember those four letters and when they really meant something? Between the 9-5 workload, parental duties and everything else that comes up, Friday Nights (and the promise of the weekend) sometimes offer little in terms of real deal relaxation. We want to help though. While we can’t bring back that classic block of Friday night television, we can help bring a little bit of magic and excitement to your Friday nights. Enter Parents Night Out. Here’s 5 simple reasons you should check it out:

It’s Easy and Convenient

So, it's Friday night and you want go out on the town. You could call a sitter...or you could try something better. Drop the kids off at iHub Louisville (204 S. Floyd Street) and we’ll take it from there with STEAM-powered activities, maker stations, movies and pizza. We keep them engaged in good wholesome fun and crafts, and you can take that much-needed night off. When the night's through, pick them up at 10:30 and we’ll have them tuckered out, an evening of fun and structured learning behind them.

Kids (And parents!) Love Our Technology

We know kids and we know STEAM. That’s why we've built our program around fun and creative activities proven to be kid favorites! Between special network Minecraft challenges, Codeable WonderWorkshop robots, Stop Motion Maker stations and arts, crafts, they're all presented with engaging inquiry-based challenges which make full use of the innovative technology. Your kids will love the gadgets and technology, and you’ll love the safe, hands on environment we provide. Win/Win!

It’s Educational and STEAM-related

We love STEAM (a handy acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and STEAM-centric learning. So while our classes and activities are certainly fun (TONS of fun) they’re also applicable to the real world. With huge increases in STEM and STEAM related careers on the horizon, we feel that giving kids early access to these technologies helps gear them up to solve tomorrow’s problems. Best of all, you can feel good that you’re kids are engaged in wholesome activities with a worthwhile application, and not rotting their brains out on overly violent video games or wacky YouTube videos. The coders, programmers, makers and engineers of tomorrow are in grade school right now, and we want to help bring them out!

It’s Affordable and Regularly Scheduled

Parents Night Out is only $35 for the first child, with additional siblings costing just $10! We hold them monthly, the third Friday of every month, so you can plan your night off in advance! Be sure to check on Facebook or the website for event announcements and to sign up!

You Deserve it!

It’s true! No matter what your week entails, we all know the real-life physical and mental benefits of taking a break. Whether you’re looking to make dinner reservations at that elusive downtown joint, or simply looking to spend a few uninterrupted hours on the couch (we don’t judge!), we’ve got your back!

For more great STEAMPunks centric content, be sure to check back on our blog every week!

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