St. Patrick's STEAMPunks: 5 Green STEAM activities

The Green Mushroom

It's one of the most coveted items in the Mario Brothers world and it's super handy because it gives you an extra life! Imagine if these things existed in the real world... As STEAMPunks, we offer classes in both pixel art and animation AND Video Game design: 2 great tie-ins to the grand daddy of all platform video games.

The Creeper

An Iconic creature in the Minecraft universe, one who'll chase your player relentlessly, mob up on you and possibly give you nightmares with that terrifying face! We love Creepers. With their geometric bodies, they're easy to reproduce in pixel form, as well as in 3D prints (which we've done many times). It also ties into upcoming Minecraft modding classes we'll hold, which will give STEAMPunks the opportunity to completely customize their Minecraft world and experience!

Dash and Dot Color Combos

Robots are great. They do what we tell them to do and never complain about being tired....or something like that. Actually, we like Dash and Dot because they're fun, friendly and can produce myriad color combinations with their glowing eyes and hearts. Seriously! Take a STEAMPunks robotics class to learn more about color coordinating with robots!

Raspberry Pi

It's a fully functioning computer roughly the size of a credit card. What's not to love? Using basic coding skills (or projects found online), and the robust capability of this little guy, there's essentially nothing you can't do! Creating vintage gaming consoles is our favorite...and a class we'd like to offer in the future!

Green Screen

Oh man, we love these things. We try to use them in as many activities as possible! Green screens can visually take us to unknown climes, provide thrilling (and hilarious) videos or even serve to bolster our video editing techniques. Whether producing a weather report, or just trying to add some pizzazz to a class presentation, green screen can get you that effect with aplomb!

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