Professional Development and STEAM Day Sessions: 5 Things to Know

At this point, you may already know of the STEAMPunks after school program and our fun day camps. Between the awesome student projects we’re constantly posting on Facebook (thanks for following us!) to the glowing testimonials we get from kids and parents alike, we know that STEM-based learning is a hit. But what you may not know is that we offer other useful, STEM-centric learning opportunities as well. From professional development to STEM school day sessions, read up on some of the many ways we can foster and encourage STEM learning in your school or organization! For more information on professional learning and day sessions, visit our site page about it here.

STEM Curriculum Development

If you’re a classroom teacher or administrator, you’re likely well aware of the ubiquitous push towards STEM/STEAM-based learning. Still, for many teachers, this can be overwhelming. Questions like "Where do I begin?" or "How do I integrate technology into my already existing curriculum" abound. That’s where we can help! Transdisciplinary teaching styles are how we roll, and with knowledgeable STEM professionals at the helm, we can help you achieve a more tech-oriented classroom. Best of all, we offer consultation at every level, from leadership training, faculty workshops and even personalized, collaborative STEM-curriculum design at the individual grade level. We’ll work within your preferences and demographics (class size, access to technology) and help you seamlessly blend your existing curriculum with STEM-based activities and lessons to supplement the process.

STEAMPunks EDU Day Sessions

While the aforementioned After School Programs and Day Camps are definitely a hit, did you know STEAMPunksEDU will also come teach STEM enrichment classes during the school day? You bet we will. Working within your existing curriculum, we offer numerous STEM enrichment courses for students to take that will supplement what they’re already learning at school! Take our STEM enrichment classes at Goshen Elementary where we took students through a 5 day course learning the ins and outs of 3D printing and the iterative process, then had them design (and race!) actual rubber band race cars. (Video Here). We’re not just for after school, STEM learning can happen at any time! Contact us now to schedule a STEM enrichment day session!

Corporate Training

With degrees in Instructional Design and a clear understanding of pedagogy, our team is more than equipped to help create streamlined, adult training modules for the corporate environment. With the rise of ultra convenient E-learning modules in the corporate world, and our love of all things tech and tech-integrated, we LOVE helping companies get their training material online and into an accessible sphere for their employees. Sidestep the need for time-intensive training sessions and day long seminars. We'll save you time and money with a consultation on getting your training online and accessible to your team 24/7.

Google Apps for Education/Apple Workshop

As certified Apple instructors, as well as seasoned users of Google products, we can help you integrate either set of apps and devices into your classroom approach. Our Apple workshop features a general overview of Apple tools and application strategies, along with an iCustomize Workshop that allows you and your staff to personalize the tools and context of application like iBooks, iTunesU, iWork, iLife and other apps for project based learning.

If you’re looking to get the most out of Google classroom for your own approach we can help with that as well. Learn the ins and outs of Google Slides and Forms, how to collaborate and share projects in the Google Suite and generally how to integrate and leverage this powerful technology to fortify your own teaching!


Looking for a speaker for your event, gala or gallery? Our team has a wide and varied occupational background, and can speak with authority on a wide range of topics. Past keynotes have included STEM program development, leadership skills and technology integration. With our tech-centric approach to learning, we can turn any speaking topic into an engaging, multimedia Keynote for any occasion.

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