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The expectations for student learning have changed drastically over the last 40 years--from A Nation At Risk, No Child Left Behind, and Race to the Top, but the classroom landscape looks pretty much the same, save the classrooms of the brave souls fighting on the front lines of the classroom apocalypse. Imagine if Piaget or Dewey found themselves in the shoes of Sheriff Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead, waking up amidst a zombie apocalypse, except instead of a hospital, it was a classroom! Unfortunately, if today Dewey were to emerge from a coma, whether he saw a change in practice from the time he wrote about learning by doing would ultimately depend on which classroom he awoke in. Many classrooms are certainly well equipped with technology and teachers who will do just about anything to engage their students.  However, there are many others that still rock cemetery row seating (not saying it’s always a bad thing), with students donning glazed-over looks, and sage-on-the-stage lecture delivery the primary means of information dissemination with unrealistic expectations that this single approach equips students for the technological and industrial apocalypse. In many places, the classroom apocalypse is upon us, and we are in a battle to fend off the forces that will drag down our teachers and students; we must be savvy and strategic as we fight to keep teachers energized and equip students with skills and knowledge to not only survive the apocalypse, but come out on top. How do we do this you ask? With the EdTech Guide to the Classroom Apocalypse, we’ll offer strategies and tools to help you survive and thrive in this challenging landscape, whether you are new to the classroom or just waking up in this fast moving edtech world.

Teachingland:A Teacher's Survival Guide to the Classroom Apocalypse