Pop-Up Classes

Pop-Up classes are single, stand-alone STEAMPunks classes that range from 90 minutes to two hours in duration. They're a great way to survey our program without committing to a 5 week after school course and we can work with you to host one at the most convenient time for you, whether it's during school, after school or on early release days! Our Pop-Up catalog is always changing with the new seasons, so check the descriptions below and contact us to register for a pop up class at your school! 

Pixel Art & Animation

Using iPad Apps and a stylus, students use the retro-techniques of yesteryear to make their own stunning animations! 

Minecraft Design Challenge
Robotics Maze Escape!

Students use Minecraft PE to work in teams through guided challenges on a network connection. Play and build with friends! 

Using Wonder Workshop Robots and scaffolded scenarios, students use iPad apps like Blockly to write code that guides dash through mazes and helps him perform tasks!

Video Game Design Redux

Students get a crash course in game logic and programming and hustle to make a workable prototypes in the classic mold of one of the following:

Crossy Road (Frogger), Space Invaders or Geometry Dash.

Stop Motion Stories

Students make a working prop of themselves to animate stop motion style using our pre-made sets, props, storylines and other assets. Learn the magic of animation and see yourself in a movie!