After School Tesla Club


What is the Tesla After School Club?
  • The Tesla Club is an after school club where students get to tinker with all the technology on site based on passions and interests! They make the tech their choice, add their voice, and continue on that path at their own pace! 

  • Tesla club hours are Monday-Friday from 2:30-6:30. It is open to Pre-K-8th Grade students.  

  • Tesla club students follow a schedule that include homework help and snack upon arrival, tinker time with tech, and then the last part of the day is about blowing off STEAM in our game room. 

  • Tesla Club weekly members receive 2 hours a week of guided pathway instruction based on their interests. One day a week, drop in members get to participate in whatever is going on that day, or choose a project for the day. Monthly Tesla members get 10 hours of guided instruction a month, and access to one class a month. 

  • Additional classes and day camps at the campus are available at a 20% discount. (classes are first come first serve, and being in the Tesla Club does not guarantee admission). 

  • |$350 for Monthly membership|

|$100 a week for all week(M-F)| or

 |$125/ month for one day a week| 

  • Transportation is available from some schools in Oldham county. Consult with Oldham County transportation or your school office. Registration is available online or on site. 


Having worked in education my entire career, I find it refreshing to find true educators that inspire. It's a gift and we're so glad [our daughter] got to have you as a teacher for 2 ¾ years.

--Kristin Ruth Kasting Karam, Parent of an 8th Grader